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...them's fighting words!

Moms and their friends who hate Teh Stoopid,
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We are parents and family-friendly people who aren't afraid of the big bad internet. We believe in educating and guiding the next generation of adults into making good decisions, rather than having "Mommy" do it all. The reason for this isn't because we are lazy - on the contrary, it takes much more work to raise people this way. The reason is so the next generation of adults, when they are ready to leave their parent's home for work or clown college, will be equipped with the skills and wisdom to navigate this sometimes-twisted world of ours, dark alleys and all.

Okay, okay - I think we all know right from wrong, but let me lay it out here anyway.

1. RESPECT. You don't have to agree with anything the other posters say. But you don't have to insult their pets, alright? Doesn't mean you can't have spirited, passionate discussions, because parenting is almost as highly charged as housecleaning - but let's not take the gloves off.

2. OPINIONS. Please bring yours to the potluck! We're all adults here (see rule #1)AND we believe in free speech - so there ya go.

3. TOPICS. While this is basically a parenting-related comm, all kinds of subjects can fall under that umbrella, because a parent's job is to introduce the world to the fruit of their loins (I really couldn't resist that one). So drugs, mean people, the environment, gay porn... any of these things can be discussed in relation to parenting/ being parented.