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Dec. 4th, 2007



politics (the other biggie after sex and drugs)

It's my fondest wish that my children will grow up to be happy and productive members of society and if so, that will include their being vocal and ready dissidents.

Is all this LJ flagging business more about cracking down on dissent in Russian than protecting innocent kiddoes from porny fanfic in the rest of the world?

which of the following settings do you think would identify political dissent best: Explicit Adult Content, Offensive Content, Hate Speech, Illegal Activity, or Nude Images of Minors?....they would have some kind of an ambiguous flagging category

What do you think? I haven't read enough yet to have an opinion, but this stuff is interesting.

Flagging a means to track dissidents in Russia

Main Post

Translation of LJ news posts

LJ, SUP, Putin, the Kremlin

From Russia with No Love (links)

Welcoming the Russian Overlords

In the hopes of introducing a more MANAGABLE topic, what do you do vis a vis kids and politics/voting/ their understanding of political parties?  My kids know, because Daddy teaches ethical philosophy, that there are some rights and wrongs that are outside and above civil laws. My six year old is in the "this is right and that is wrong and black isn't white" stage of development (haha, she's a big tattletale) so the whole concept isn't "in" with her, but my 10 year old is a little philosopher like his daddy. I'm afraid, though, that his parents prejudices are clouding his perceptions of Republicans, etc..... I have some dear Republican friends online with whom I like to disagree and hey, I like reading George Will--he's a fun guy. But somehow (ALL MY FAULT D:) they've gotten the idea that a Republican is a stupid person. <.< Um... I should fix that.

Dec. 2nd, 2007

sneaky Isshin


Getting to know each other - dorky ice breaker game

Please share something about yourself! Here's some topics...

1. Do you have kids? how old?

2. If you have kids, what parenting book(s) did you read?

3. Sex talk? Drugs talk?

4. Is the bathroom door open or closed at your house?

My answers:
1. 2 kids, 6 and 9.

2. Sears' Attachment Parenting something or other book; and The Continuum Concept.

3. OMG yes to both. Several times, in different ways. And we still haven't gotten to the part that we'd actually define as "sex".

4. CLOSED! Otherwise they'll wander in and hang out while I'm sitting there, and I just... can't go that way....
tsubaci-sou2 icon



Thanks so much for doing this! Who knows what we'll have to say, but I love formally acknowledging that not all moms are twits. So there! :D

P.S. The icon you picked wins the internets! HA!

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