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_debbiechan_ in deviant_moms

Tis the Season of Rampant Consumerism

How do you check it?

The ads being thrown at our kids are relentless. I get creeped out when Asher repeats Wal-mart slogans to me word per word. We stress homemade gifts around here, and the kids spend holiday money from grandparents etc at the Dollar Store. I wanted to bake gifts this year but first I have to learn how to bake (the kids didn't seem to mind the blobs we made the other night that were supposed to be cookies but I'd like to give the in-laws something less .... blobby).

Question: how do you address the capitalist frenzy of the season?


Perhaps it's a measure of Bear's autism that he's not a "gimmie" child, but this hasn't been an issue for us. For years, the TV was only on PBS or Noggin, where there are no commercial ads, so I thought that was why.

These days Bear's into Jetix and stuff so the ads are on TV but, for whatever reason, he doesn't pay attention. We can walk through the entire Toys 'R Us store giving him permission to pick something out and he won't find anything he wants.

Is Asher simply repeating the ads or asking for what they're showing? I wouldn't care if my kid knew every jingle on TV (hell, I remember the ones I was exposed to as a child fondly enough) so long as he wasn't pestering me to purchase said crap. In the end, he'll be most influenced by what he sees at home, of course. If you're not running around playing Capitalist Frenzy, he won't go there himself either.
P.S. If your cookies are going blobby after you bake them, the batter needs more flour. ^_^

Ohhh no, Asher WANTS. He used to be the kind of kid you could tell "put that back on the shelf--it lives here at the store" but his grandmother's spoiled him of that. She buys hims everything he wants and so he finds it convenient to mention to his parents now what things will complete his collection. "I need such-and-such" foe a "complete set" bugs the hell out of me.

I've tried to explain how marketing new things one after another plays to our human urge to "get every one." We've had this discussion since the "gotta catch em all" Pokemon days so it's not like he's an innocent victim of ads....

It just bothers me when he prints out lists of all the new bionicles and makes little check marks ....


He seems to be spending more time doing that these days than actually PLAYING with the toys.

More flour, yes! And hotter oven! I'm getting tips from all the baking experts now! Next week we shall have non-blobby cookies!
Does he get an allowance? If he's willing to save his own money to acquire them, would that help? FWIW, I was into cataloging my stuff when I was a kid, and I made lists with their characteristics and such more than I played with them.

You know, cookies are hard to get right. I've never been consistently successful at it, and I've never once tried to bake Christmas cookies. Maybe it's because my mother always sends a box. I'll happily bake breads, cakes and pies, but rarely cookies. I've tried to replicate my mother's shortbread recipe many times to no avail. :-(
Oi, Christmas commercialism.

I second Laura's allowance idea. Justice takes his Christmas toy decisions very seriously, just like Asher, with check marks and lists. it's his nature. So at you young age, and I mean like, 2 years old, we would had discussions about "if you want this, you can get it - OR you can get 3 of these because they're cheaper." It taught him critical thinking, and we didn't go broke.

Can I put Asher's behavior into a more positive light? The boy sounds positively methodical. He's carefully planning out what he wants, he's got a thing for complete sets (too bad if he likes Pokemon, I remember when there weren't even 100 of them, and now there's 400 something?). You can capitalize on this, Mom, and turn this into a lesson. Heh, well, you have no choice, because this tendency seems pretty strong in him.

Maybe he'll choose to collect fewer categories of things, so he can get the complete set? Or maybe he'll decide it's not that important in the end.

Hm. Don't know how it works for your homeschooled kids - the schoolyard is rife with Pokemon hysteria. There's no escaping them. (Picures executive throwing pokeballs at kids and saying "gotta catch 'em all!")
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