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Cutting your own apronstrings....

I recently enrolled the kids in a martial arts class. I told the teacher that I'd like to sign up for classes myself, but wanted to see if the kids could stay focused and do what they need to without my help.

Alright. So the teacher told me with a smile that I should leave and come back in an hour, when the class ended. Why did this feel so unsettling? I don't think of myself as one of those annoying, hovering moms that don't let their kids alone... right? RIGHT?

When I returned, the class was wrapping up. My kids were pretty much done, meaning that they were at the limits of their focus and concentration. There was a tiny bit of goofing around, but it wasn't that bad, in retrospect. Still. It took every fiber in my body not to jump in and growl a the kid to do it right and pay attention.

That is, it took every fiber in my body not to disrupt the class

So who is it that really needs the help in staying focused in class in order to let the teacher do his/her job? Eheheheee ohhhhhhhh the irony.


I had to stop staying for my son's classes because I it terrified me. Plus yeah, interfering.

Hehe, I talked to one instructor and asked if it would be a bad idea for me to attend class at the same time as the kids. What she said is that in the past, their experience was that sometimes as teachers they would scold or yell at the kids a little, and the parents would react badly to this.... she used the word "torture" to describe how the parents felt!

For me, I feel more like, "please, yell at them so I don't have to!" XD
I'm convinced Bear would still be taking Tai Quan Do if the sensei there had such a rule. He allows parents to hang around while class is taking place, and I'm pretty sure hubby could not stop "helping" Bear with his technique until he was done with it forever.

Props to you for realizing where you wanted to go and stopping yourself!
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