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Getting Couch Potato Kids to Move

I have one couch potato kid and one bounce-off-the-wall kid.  Thing is, when they play together, the bouncy one slows down. When my couch kid (Asher) is with any other kids, they don't play chase. They all sit around and listen to him talk or watch the homemade vids he's made or play with his little handmade toys. ASHER HAS ZERO INTEREST IN ANY SPORTS.

As some of you may know, Asher  is on some meds right now and they're making him gain some weight.  He won't swim (he sits in the pool). We walk a couple blocks to the store every day (but any more and he complains his feet hurt--it's a weird phenomenon--his father has it--tender feet). His father used to bike competitively and that was the only thing that got him to move so I know I need to get Asher a bike and he'll be off---but can't afford that at the moment.

Any ideas to get him moving?


The sad thing is that my first reaction was "get him a Wii!" but... yeah, with the bike thing.

HI, I'm very clearly not a mum, but maybe I can give advice as one of those couch potato kids who hates sport?

Get him into some kind of activity where he doesn't need to run or walk very much if he's going to complain about his feet hurting. Clearly, he's fine in the creative department if he's making homemade videos and toys, but maybe you can make him gradually interested in... well, at least some kind of activity? I would suggest something that builds his reflexes to begin with again this brings me back to video games, but I'll pretend I'm not a video game addict and try think of other things

How about something like playing catch, for starters? It builds his reflexes and introduces him to a minimal amount of activity. I don't know if he's like me and has bad co-ordination due to the lack of any real outdoor activities, but playing catch could develop that too and as he gets better, you could get more competitive and throw him balls that he'll need to move to catch? That might make him start moving around.

Again, I have a dog no kids, so I don't even know if this will help. It's just an off-the-top-of-my-head suggestion :D

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I've got the same problem with Bear. He's never been into running, jumping and the usual kidly stuff. And, since he's not particularly social, he won't join in when other kids are playing. The one sport he's into is baseball, which is the most standing-around sport there is. *sigh*

Would he exercise to a tape? Our library has a healthy DVD/video collection, and there are all sorts of exercise choices--yoga, aerobics, etc.

I'll be watching this thread with interest, as Bear is in a round phase at the moment too.
I'm not a mom, but I was a very sedentary child. Frankly, I hated sports and exercise because (1) they hurt and (2) I sucked at them.

If there's an activity he enjoys, that might overcome the dislike of the associated pain. For example -- oh man, I'm going to sound just like Kiyala -- I will exercise into a soaking wet sweat with Dance Dance Revolution because it's competitive and fun. But that costs money. =(

Maybe something as simple as shoes with thicker insoles might help his feet?
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