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ASKJHDGKJSADJKHF Insurance companies

Got the bill from the doctor's office for Courage's pre-kindergarten checkup and shots.


WTFWTFWTF?! I have insurance, and it's even a PPO. But they don't cover Measle/mumps/rubella at all. They only cover 25% of the polio shot, and tuberculosis prevention is only covered 50%.

Dude. You know what it cost me to birth this child? $20.

Preventive care my ass. This is ridiculous.


Yikes! We only do DPT on Bear, as I personally believe the current vaccination schedule for children is nuts. Thankfully, our MD agrees.

I can't believe your insurance doesn't cover basics like this. *shakes head*
RIGHT. Considering that that you need to bring proof of these immunizations to the (PUBLIC) school before a kid can be enrolled, you'd think these would be covered completely or at least to a better extent.

The thing that irks me is that I have insurance and it still costs this much. There are so many others without coverage, and for them, this would have cost $525. Beyond my own financial pain and wankage, I see this as a real problem for families with tighter budgets, and access to an education that is supposed to be free since we're paying for it with our tax dollars.
We're fortunate we live in a state with sane public assistance, or we wouldn't be able to afford health care.
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