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Mar. 10th, 2010

sneaky Isshin


Cutting your own apronstrings....

I recently enrolled the kids in a martial arts class. I told the teacher that I'd like to sign up for classes myself, but wanted to see if the kids could stay focused and do what they need to without my help.

Alright. So the teacher told me with a smile that I should leave and come back in an hour, when the class ended. Why did this feel so unsettling? I don't think of myself as one of those annoying, hovering moms that don't let their kids alone... right? RIGHT?

When I returned, the class was wrapping up. My kids were pretty much done, meaning that they were at the limits of their focus and concentration. There was a tiny bit of goofing around, but it wasn't that bad, in retrospect. Still. It took every fiber in my body not to jump in and growl a the kid to do it right and pay attention.

That is, it took every fiber in my body not to disrupt the class

So who is it that really needs the help in staying focused in class in order to let the teacher do his/her job? Eheheheee ohhhhhhhh the irony.

Dec. 23rd, 2008

tsubaci-sou2 icon


White House Family Values: Where Are the Boys?

I thought this article was really interesting, and decided to leave ya'll with it even though there may be no one around to see it and I won't be here to talk about it.

White House Family Values: Where Are the Boys?Collapse )

Nov. 4th, 2008

sneaky Isshin


Kids and Politics

In the mall last night:

Justice: "Someone said that John McCain was in an airplane and it got shot down and he was taken prisoner in a war or something. But I don't think that means he deserves to be president."

Lotus: "Right. Being a POW doesn't necessarily mean you'll be a good president, either. But people are funny about that."

Courage: "That man farted!"


So, do you guys talk politics with your kids? What do you think about kids being taken to political rallies?

Aug. 30th, 2008

tsubaci-sou2 icon


Free-range kids

I bumped into this blog on usenet today and thought I'd pass it along. I love the concept behind it.


Aug. 4th, 2008



Getting Couch Potato Kids to Move

I have one couch potato kid and one bounce-off-the-wall kid.  Thing is, when they play together, the bouncy one slows down. When my couch kid (Asher) is with any other kids, they don't play chase. They all sit around and listen to him talk or watch the homemade vids he's made or play with his little handmade toys. ASHER HAS ZERO INTEREST IN ANY SPORTS.

As some of you may know, Asher  is on some meds right now and they're making him gain some weight.  He won't swim (he sits in the pool). We walk a couple blocks to the store every day (but any more and he complains his feet hurt--it's a weird phenomenon--his father has it--tender feet). His father used to bike competitively and that was the only thing that got him to move so I know I need to get Asher a bike and he'll be off---but can't afford that at the moment.

Any ideas to get him moving?

Jan. 17th, 2008

sneaky Isshin


ASKJHDGKJSADJKHF Insurance companies

Got the bill from the doctor's office for Courage's pre-kindergarten checkup and shots.


WTFWTFWTF?! I have insurance, and it's even a PPO. But they don't cover Measle/mumps/rubella at all. They only cover 25% of the polio shot, and tuberculosis prevention is only covered 50%.

Dude. You know what it cost me to birth this child? $20.

Preventive care my ass. This is ridiculous.

Dec. 21st, 2007

hakkai 2


Teen Pregnancy and Sex Ed

I thought I'd link this NPR story, Girls and Moms Respond to Teen Star's Pregnancy, and see if people have any desire to discuss. The commentator+guest touch upon 'The Talk' and when girls do (or don't) get it.

It seems a shame that most girl's parents just assume that "my kid's a good girl and isn't going to do that."

It also seems counterproductive that most kids learn about it in school. Hell, I remember the school sex ed classes ... the teacher wouldn't let us take the book home (afraid that people would jack off to it? learn something from it?), the teenagers were nervous and disruptive, the teacher was straight-laced and embarassed, and a good number of the parents signed protest slips to keep their children out of the class. (Ah, good times in the country, eh?)

Given this other story, Teen Birth Rate Spikes After 14 Years of Decline, I'd say the current school policy of less sex-ed and less safe-sex-ed isn't working terribly well.

Dec. 17th, 2007



Two Holiday Fun Sites

Not just for the kiddies.

Elf Yourself

Snow Globe of Terror (I can't leave this one alone)

Dec. 12th, 2007



Tis the Season of Rampant Consumerism

How do you check it?

The ads being thrown at our kids are relentless. I get creeped out when Asher repeats Wal-mart slogans to me word per word. We stress homemade gifts around here, and the kids spend holiday money from grandparents etc at the Dollar Store. I wanted to bake gifts this year but first I have to learn how to bake (the kids didn't seem to mind the blobs we made the other night that were supposed to be cookies but I'd like to give the in-laws something less .... blobby).

Question: how do you address the capitalist frenzy of the season?

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